The Board Cartel


Welcome to The Board Cartel website. We are a local core Skate/Snowboard shop located at 3272 Young Field St. Wheat Ridge CO 80033 in the Applewood Plaza next to the Old Chicago and across the street From Apple Jack Wine and Spirits. We are here to make sure that you can keep up with the ever changing Skate/Snowboard Life Style. Thank you for visiting out Web Site!

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Wyatt Milhallan Sponsor Me Tape

Wyatt killing it like usual


Party In Park Lane

The other day i went up to park lane with some of my favorite under agers to do a little partying. heres a short video recapping the day. special shout out to josh b, chris s, casper kyle, olli, and chunk.


Board Cartel at WoodWard


So last saturday woodward at copper opened its doors for a free day of skateboarding. board cartel team and family decided to go check out what they were working with. although there is no street course, they have a huge bowl, a teeny weeny mini, and pretty dope mini. also the complex is full of olympic quality trampolines...


Chubby Digital FTF

Zach Rawles doesn’t wake up early, but he did today, got medicated, and did a first try friday. he didn’t get the trick we called first try, but he got it and then went back for a different trick that he did get first try. check him out




--4.02.09-- Come in and play SK8 or dice today only for some prizes

--4.01.09-- ALL shop decks $29.99 come and get them now

--3.28.09-- No saturday morning skate session today, so dont show up we are goin to do it next week weather permiting

---3.25.09-- New DGK order of Tee's in $9.99 and get a free on when you buy a DGK or Organika deck. Limited time only

--3.24.09-- Tons of new DGK, Organika, and expedition decks just in come and get them while you can

--3.24.09-- New Rukus trucks now in over filling the case but wont last long

--3.24.09-- Bones order now in new wheels, bearings and much more

--3.24.09-- Just got the new SK8 DICE best game ever take your game of s.k.a.t.e. to the next level with these guys

--3.20.09-- Shop decks now in and on sale for $29.99

--3.18.09-- 40% off all 08/09 snow gear including Outewear, Boots, and much more come and get it while it last

--3.17.09-- Dekline order just in 2 new models of shoes in full size runs

--3.10.09-- Never Summer long boards just got in and there looking good runnin any where from $209.99/$239.99 come and get them summer is coming soon

--3.09.09-- Dlxsk decks in filling up the wall once again

--3.05.09-- New Cartel Di cuts in flyin out the door come and rep. your local core shop





---3272 Young Field St. WheatRidge Colorado 80033 (303)-462-0168---